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From The Editor

Hello Gold Tales Fans & Curious Readers

NC Gold Tales Magazine is a unique storytelling platform that will have you walking through history as you read familiar and untold or under-told stories about America’s first Gold Rush, and about a lot of other firsts for the state of North Carolina. We cover stories about residents, businesses, our towns and counties, while highlighting the remarkable strength and ingenuity shown by North Carolinians.

Gold Tales contains compelling features and spell-binding stories from the trail and will have you out and about exploring in anticipation of great discoveries and memory-making journeys – Stories – ONLY you can TELL.

This issue is covering the highly anticipated NC Gold Album world-wide album release celebration at the annual Hilltop Fall Festival ‘Featuring the NC Gold Album LIVE’ October 5th in Rutherfordton, NC. The North Carolina artists on this album came aboard with a mission to help build the NC Gold Trail, and listeners will benefit from the rich historic visions portrayed in the melodic sounds.

Tourism Asset Foundation (a non-profit organization that oversees the Bechtler Heritage Center and the NC Gold Trail Headquarters as well as the Bechtler Historic Mint Site) partnered with the Hilltop Fall Festival to launch the NC Gold Album (developed by Debrick Media Group) and celebrate Bechtler Gold Days.

There are over 30 counties that share a gold history along the growing Gold Trail: a heritage destination trail that spans across North Carolina. NC Gold Tales Magazine will tell the story as these counties identify their specific history and qualify attractions to become a vital part of the Gold Trail. Membership for gold-related destinations is available through a county-based Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) membership. Contact: 

You are invited to participate in this storytelling platform by: 
Spreading the word about the first gold rush
Visiting attractions and checking out businesses along the way
As a resident, you may have stories that were passed down through the years to share
Businesses can r support by partnering with events, such as:
The Hilltop Fall Festival in Rutherfordton
The NC Gold Festival in Old Fort 
And other events along the trail

We can’t wait to hear from you.

D. Millikan Scott
Editor-In- Chief
NC Gold Tales



NC Gold Tales Contributors         

Contact Info:

D Millikan Scott 
Creative Director
Richard Scott
Marketing Director
D. Millikan Scott
Advertising Account Executive
Dawn Garcia
Publishing & Graphic Design
Debrick Media Group

Other Contributors
Elvis Patterson, Carol Price, Vivian Hopkins, Bobby Patterson, Lynn Padgett, Gayle Lee, Larry Neil, Marisa Garcia, Ed Philips and Anne Strupp, Samuel Millikan, Jim Huskins

Debrick Media Group

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